We are committed to promoting an environment that is safe, healthy, and secure for our workforce members, patients, and visitors by following all safety procedures and guidelines.


  • To take all reasonable precautions and follow all applicable environmental, health, and safety requirements and rules.
  • To wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) whenever it is required.
  • To ensure that you are properly trained to use the equipment you are required to use and that you are properly trained to perform any procedure you are required to perform.
  • To promptly report any and all spills or accidents involving medical waste or hazardous materials, and to report any and all injuries to a workforce member, patient, or visitor. To immediately report any physical assault, threat, intimidation, property damage, or knowledge of an unauthorized weapon to prevent workplace violence.
  • To wear your Harris Health ID Badge at all times and in the proper location.
  • To never report to work while being impaired by medication (even prescribed medication) or alcohol.


I noticed an improper disposal of some medical waste. Because I am very busy at work, is it okay to wait until later to report what I saw to my supervisor?

No. Safety is a top priority at Harris Health and a hazard such as the improper disposal of medical waste cannot be ignored. This hazard should be immediately reported the moment it is witnessed.

I have a concealed handgun license. Is it okay for me to bring my gun into my office as long as I keep it in my purse?

No. Workforce members are prohibited from possessing weapons on Harris Health premises, even if you have a license to carry the weapon. Please see Harris Health policy 3.66, Weapons for more information.